Les cahiers de l'ASN #1 - Nuclear power plants going beyond 40 years

Published on 06/06/2019

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In what conditions can the 900 MWe nuclear power plants, which are the oldest in the French nuclear fleet, continue to operate? How to guarantee management of the ageing of materials and systems after 40 years of operation?

How to ensure that the safety of the facilities progresses even further, more specifically by comparison with the most recent reactors? Alongside other stakeholders, ASN is contributing to the consultation on these questions, under the auspices of the HCTISN (High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Security).

Measures to improve safety and decision-making procedures, involvement of the general public, a review of the situation of other countries in Europe and around the world… these are all keys to understanding the issues for the?French 900 MWe NPPs.

Date of last update : 06/06/2019